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Principles of Stereo Imaging
3D Filming Techniques
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Smoke, Mirrors & 3D

Smoke, Mirrors & 3D is a stage illusion technique being developed by Navodaya Studio.

This has been deployed in a proposed Mohanlal Stage Show.

Stories from the Bible

Stories from the Bible (1993) was a project that involved intensive project research that spanned many continents. Art directors and Cinematographers were deputed along with research scholars and Script writers to the archaeological sites at Tel-Aviv, Negeb & Luxor and to Museums & Universities in Jerusalem, Cairo & Geneva. These efforts  helped develop a process in Navodaya whereby systematic collating, cataloguing and disseminating of story research data go hand-in-hand with the visual treatment & development of a script. A systemization now being put to use in the historical project CHUNDAN.

Museums for Film History

Bollywood, Kollywood & Tollywood 

(Hollywood namesakes for the Hindi film Industry at Mumbai,

South Indian film industry at Kodambakkom and

Bengala film Industry at Tollygunge)

The traditions of these magnificent  Dream Factories and their rich technological evolutions

are a must-study for every student of Visual Media.

The animated interactive exhibits would be of marvel to all film buffs.

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