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During the summer of 1985, from disciplines as varied as filmmaking, engineering, gardening, town planning, ... computer program, magic and events staging, there came together a team of young think-tanks.
That was a brain-pool.
While interacting at places ranging from coffeehouses to greenhouses, the participants imagineered a concept, then futuristic, to amalgamate information and technology. The purpose was to provide wholesome leisure and entertainment to a population eager to become active participants rather than remain passive audience in programs offered for their consumption.
That concept saw its first realization in Kishkinta - India's First Theme Park.
Well, other than Entertainment Parks, there are yet other venues ... Interactive Museums with animated installations, Heritage Parks with built-in VR & 3D projections ... many many such.
Outlined here is another one such - Kuttanad Heritage Park.
It showcases the linking of Education, Entertainment and AI.

Jijo, Sheker, Suresh Kanthan, Naveen Kothadia, Prakash Moorthy, Rajeevkumar, RK, Satish Paul, Balakrishnan. (absent, yet very much present in spirit are the late Jayachandran & Mathew Paul)

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