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Smoke, Mirrors & 3D

Smoke, Mirrors & 3D is a stage illusion technique developed by Navodaya Studio.

This has been deployed in a proposed Mohanlal Stage Show.

Watch this page for further developments ...

CONCEPT - the Character played by Mohanlal confronts the Performer.


Iconic and celebrated characters performed by Mohanlal in his past 40 years appear on stage to interact with Mohanlal himself. In doing so, the discussion between The Character and Mohanlal shall bring out the mindset of the particular character and how that conflicts with the real person Mohanlal.

Concept & Direction by

T. K. Rajeevkumar

Script by

P. Balachandran

TITLES - Introduction. Theme of the show.

This is a 3D projection seen on a screen installed high above the stage.  Credit Titles and Off-The-Screen fireworks plays out on the silver screen. 


Into the auditorium walks Mohanlal the star. Along the central aisle, right through the seated audience, Mohanlal crosses the auditorium hall and gets onto the stage. He seats himself before the makeup table and readies for the shooting. While the makeup man and the costumer are busy around him, Mohanlal prepares his lines for the character he is about to play. The shoot is for a film which is a re-make. It involves of one of his celebrated characters.



Meanwhile, on the stage itself, the setup is being readied for the actual film shoot. The director and the cinematographer with the crew and other cast have finalized the setup and calls for a take. 


Before Mohanlal can even get up from his makeup chair, the erstwhile character -- played by Mohanlal in the original version in the yesteryears, appears on the shooting floor (sound stage) to play his part!


The shot is interrupted by the director. There is a discussion about the way the character portrays himself. The argument becomes a dispute and it spills out into the auditorium hall. 'The Character' comes out from the under the arc-lights to debate with Mohanlal about the 'mind set' of the person playing the role. Is that the prerogative of 'the Character' or 'the Performer'?


The dispute remaining unresolved, 'the Character' walks out from the stage into the auditorium and walks through the central aisle - right through the seated audience, to exit the hall.

This is only a primer.

You … yes, YOU!     If you can figure out the trick behind the illusion, you can join us to take the illusion to the next level.

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