The Execution of Gravity Illusion My Dear Kuttichathan 3D,1984. This is in continuation of Gravity Illusion. keynote presentation. Please read Gravity Illusion before reading this. WARNING. A memoir (12,000 words) by Jijo. Since it's about a rotating set, one should expect tumbling to occur frequently in this non-linear narrative. There exists no other external views or working stills of the film's rotating rig than the one given above. To prevent disclosure of how the 'magic was achieved' in the said film, photographs explaining enchanted rickshaw, haunted school bell/ skeleton, etc., were never taken. This applied to gravity illusion also. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * FEBRUARY

GRAVITY ILLUSION My Dear Kuttichathan 3D, 1984.

This was a proposed technical presentation prepared at the insistence of my friend Dr. Madan Karky for TEDxCEG themed "EMBRACING TECHNOLOGY" on Saturday 28th of April, 2012 at Anna University. I couldn't make it that week since my Papa - Navodaya Appachan (aged 87), expired. Jijo ATTENTION The gravity defying phenomenon discussed here is not a 'photographic trick'. It is more like a stage magician's illusion. It has to actually happen in front of an audience or the camera lens. First, A Brief History: 1) The Devil's Swing The first known depiction of this illusion appeared as fairground attractions in late 19th century Europe (above). Visitors were seated on a giant cradle erected inside the

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